Schiff Reagent Solution

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This reagent is used in the staining technique PAS. Periodic Acid Schiff is used to demonstrate simple polysaccharides, neutral muco-polisaccharides, mucoproteins, and glicolipids. It can be used together with hematoxylin or alcian blue.

Uses and sample preparation:

The short procedure of PAS staining with Harris Hematoxylin is included in the section below. Designed for research use only, it is not approved for human or animal use, or clinical diagnosis.


  • Schiff Reagent

Short procedure

  1. Deparaffinize and hydrate
  2. Add periodic acid 0,5%
  3. Rinse with distilled water
  4. Add Schiff Reagent
  5. Rinse with 3 baths of sulfurose acid
  6. Rinse with tap water
  7. Place in hematoxylin
  8. Rinse with tap water
  9. Dehydrate, clear and coverslip

Staining characteristics:

Only used together with the PAS Stain

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125 ml, 500 ml