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Comparison between BQCkit Hematoxylins
ProductHarris Modified, Hematoxylin SolutionMayer’s Hematoxylin SolutionWeigert’s Hematoxylin Solution
TypeAlum hematoxylin
Alum hematoxylinIron hematoxylin
MordantPotassium alumAmmonium alumFerric chloride
Time2-5 min5-10 min20-30 min
PreparationReady-to-useReady-to-useMix before use
Mercuric oxide
Does not contain alcohol or mercuryAlcohol. Does not contain mercury
UsesHarris Modified, Hematoxylin Solution Alum hematoxylin Potassium alum 2-5 min Ready-to-use Blue Alcohol
Mercuric oxide General use. Demonstration of malignant and non malignant cells. Combination with PAS. Progressive or regressive
Mayer’s Hematoxylin Solution Alum hematoxylin Ammonium alum 5-10 min Ready-to-use Blue Does not contain alcohol or mercury Combination with PAS and Oil Red O. Immunoperoxidase techniques. Progressive or regressiveDemonstrate connective tissue fibers when used with trichromic techniques.
Combination with acidic staining solutions
ProcedureProgressive or regressiveProgressive or regressiveProgressive