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The BQCell Blue Viability Assay procures a fluorometric method for calculating the number of viable cells present in multiwell plates. It uses the indicator dye resazurin to measure the metabolic capacity of cells (an indicator of cell viability). Viable cells preserve the ability to reduce resazurin into resorufin, which is highly fluorescent.

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Resazurin Based Cell Viability – Cell Viability Reagent

Bioquochem has designed the Blue Viability Assay Reagent to quantitatively measure the viability of bacteria, fungi and mammalian cell lines. Its principle is the detection of a fast, sensible and reliable fluorometric growth signal.

The Cell Blue Viability Assay procures a fluorometric method for measuring the number of viable cells. The indicator dye resazurin allows testing the metabolic capacity of cells (a sign of cell viability). Viable cells preserve the capacity to reduce resazurin to resorufin, that is extremely fluorescent. On the contrary, nonviable cells lose metabolic capacity fastly, do not reduce the indicator dye, and do not create a fluorescent signal.

Resofurin permeates to the medium, making possible the continuous monitoring of the proliferation and / or cytotoxicity of substances on human cells, animals, bacteria and even fungi. Something remarkable is that this dye is not very toxic to cells. Then, it allows continuous studies in the same cells, saving time, especially in primary cultures where cells are very limited. This kit is also very sensitive and highly reproducible.


A variety of methods exists to examinate cell proliferation in cell populations. Those, cover the determination of antigens by immunohistochemistry, quantification of DNA synthesis, and quantification of the reducing environment of the cells. When cells are metabolizing, they support a reducing environment with their cytosol. Consequently, this reduced state can be quantified spectrophotometrically through the transformation of fluorometric redox indicators.

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100 ml (5000 tests), 25 ml (1250 tests)


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