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Measure the antioxidant capacity of your sample in less than a minute!

Accurate, portable, quick and easy-to-use device to measure antioxidant capacity in all kind of liquid sample.

e-BQC lab can differentiate between fast and slow acting antioxidants: Q1 and Q2.

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Our e-BQC lab is an accurate, small, quick, portable and easy-to-use device designed for the measurement of the antioxidant capacity of any type of liquid sample in less than a minute.

Antioxidant capacity is an overall ability of organisms or food to catch free radicals and prevent their harmful effect.

e-BQC Lab is based in a REDOX potential measure, its value is expressed in microCoulombs and it is the charge referred to the intensity (antioxidant capability in this case) per period. e-BQC lab can differentiate between fast and slow acting antioxidant (for example ascorbic acid versus polyphenols) in different sample types such as food and beverages or plasma. This two values of charge are:

  • Q1 (fast antioxidants) : Refers to the antioxidant capacity of the compounds with the highest rate of free radical scavenging.
  • Q2 (slow antioxidant): Refers to the antioxidant capacity of the compounds with a lower rate of free radical scavenging.