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BRS portable device

  • Is the first multiparametric portable device based on electrochemistry designed to measure several REDOX parameters in just one single apparatus
    • Total Antioxidant Capacity
    • H2O2 Scavenging Activity (available soon)
    • Other redox parameters can be easily incorporated into the device
  • Quick and reliable measurement:  results in less than a minute and with only one drop of sample.
  • Sample native conditions: it does not modify the native conditions of the sample and the colour does not interfere with the measurement in contrast to the classical assay kits.
  • Easily pair to any bluetooth device (Android) – tablet, computer, phone – where all the data is stored
  • The use of strips and BRS accesories is necessar7


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Compatibility and applications

The BRS device works in:

  • Biomedical samples: plasma, blood, saliva, urine, cell cultures, cell extracts, tissue homogenates. In general, samples can be tested directly.
  • Agri-food samples: juices, drink and beverages, plant and vegetable extracts, among other. This samples should be mixed with BRS Electrolyte.

BRS is a very versatile tool due to its ability to measure in almost every liquid sample and can be used in many fields. See the samples tab to see some protocols and discover all the possibilities!

Do you still have doubts about applying the BRS to your research? Contact us to ask for the compatibility of your sample.

How to use

Download the quick user guide here and see the demo video:


More info about the use of the BRS Device in different sectors:


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Sample information

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The BRS has just been released in January 2023 and there are no articles available yet.

Based on the same technology, you can see here the publications in which eBQC, our previous line of devices, has been used.

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