Measurement service

Scientists at Bioquochem have decades of experience developing and running biochemical assays. At this time, when COVID-19 makes the work of many researchers impossible, we are pleased to offer custom assay services.

Simply send us your samples and we will deliver the results.

Choose from over twenty assay kits. Protocols for all of these assays are conveniently available at And then, if you choose to bring the work back in-house, our assay kits are commercially available for your research.

This brochure lists all the available assays, but If you are looking for an assay or do not know what assay(s) are best for your work, our team of experienced Ph.D. scientists will be delighted to help you.

Antioxidant Capacity

KF01001DMPD Antioxidant Capacity KitRequest
KF01002ABTS Antioxidant Capacity KitRequest
KF01003FRAP Antioxidant Capacity KitRequest
KF01004ORAC Assay KitRequest
KF01005CUPRAC Assay KitRequest
KF01006Fast FRAP Antioxidant capacity Assay kitRequest
KF01007DPPH Antioxidant Capacity Assay KitRequest

Oxidation/Peroxidation Assays

KB03002Lipid Peroxidation Assay KitRequest
KB03016MDA-TBARs Assay KitRequest
KB03007Thiol quantification Assay KitRequest
KB03008Protein carbonylation Assay KitRequest
KB03009Nitrite Determination Assay KitRequest
KB03010Nitrite / Nitrate determination AssayRequest

Antioxidant Enzime Assays

KB03011SOD Activity Assay KitRequest
KB03012Catalase Activity Assay KitRequest

Protein Quantification

KB03003Bradford Protein Quantification Assay KitRequest
KB03004Lowry Protein Quantification Assay KitRequest
KB03005BCA Protein Quantification Assay KitRequest

Phenolic Compounds

KB03006Polyphenols Quantification Assay Kit- FCRequest
KB03015Anthocyanins Quantification Assay KitRequest
KB03017Proanthocyanidins Quantification Assay KitRequest
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