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e-BQC a brand of Bioquochem

e-BQC New Technology, the first device able to difference between two types of antioxidants, fast and slow.

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From Research Laboratories to Health and Dietary Applications, Wine Industry and Sport Performance

e-BQC is a portable device, patent pending, designed to measure, in a direct way, the antioxidant capacity of liquid samples. The result is obtained in less than a minute and with only one drop of sample.

e-BQC is based in electrochemistry, the science that studies the reactions of oxidation and reduction of the molecules. By means of disposable e-BQCstrips, it performs a complete oxidation of every molecule present in the sample, therefore obtaining a precise and reliable measurement. e-BQC is able to differentiate between different types of antioxidants, from the weakest ones to the strongest ones, that finally result in a value included in the e-BQC scale of antioxidant capacity.

What is e-BQC lab based on?

e-BQC lab is a small device that works with low cost e-BQC fungible strips. It is based in electrochemistry, the science that revolves around reduction and oxidation of molecules. With only a drop of sample and in less than a minute, a quick and reliable measurement of the sample’s antioxidant capacity, allowing to differentiate between Q1 and Q2.

This differentiation (Q1 and Q2) is very valuable, since, in traditional methods, we only obtain a value (regardless of the type of antioxidant that we find ourselves against), so it is not a real antioxidant capacity. It allows to differentiate the type of antioxidants that the sample possesses, allowing us to weigh the measurements and obtain a more complete assessment of the total antioxidant capacity. The higher the value of the intensity, the more molecules are oxidized to that potential, and therefore the sample has a greater antioxidant capacity. This results in a greater resistance to oxidation.

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What is e-BQC lab? Antioxidant Capacity Determination

Research laboratories: e-BQC Lab

The measurement of total antioxidant capacity (TAC) is one of the ways to assess the effects of oxidative stress on the body. Traditional methods of TAC measurement are laboratory tests. These are based on the generation of a free radical type and the ability of the molecules present in the sample to eliminate these radicals. These assays are hardly comparable among them.

e-BQC lab is an alternative with numerous advantages:

  • It is able to measure real TAC since it does not use any type of radical. It is based on the complete oxidation of the sample.
  • it is able to differentiate between fast acting and slow acting antioxidants, this being a complete novelty in the market.

e-BQC Disposable Strips

Available in 4 sizes according to your necessities: 50, 250, 500 and 1000 Units

Standards and Buffers

Antioxidant Standards and Buffers for eBQC lab device calibration curve

How does e-BQC lab work?

Why should I use e-BQC lab?

e-BQC lab is based in electrochemistry, the science that revolves around reduction and oxidation of molecules.

It is a small device that works with low cost fungible e-BQCstrips.

To measure the sample, it is necessary to follow these easy steps:


Two values (fast and slow antioxidants)


Portable device to make a quick and easy measure anywhere. The result is obtained in less than a minute what saves a lot of time. In less than a minute, with only a drop, your results will be available.


You will only need one device for all your antioxidant capacity measurements.


Any liquid sample: biological samples, drinks and beverages.