Cosmetics with natural ingredients as antioxidants have revolutionised market trends becoming one of the best alternatives to prevent and retard the oxidative stress on skin and, consequently, its ageing.


These products arise from the need of a more sustainable market, the increase concern for beauty, and the more and more restrictive legislation on the use of synthetic antioxidant compounds.


Some natural ingredients added to cosmetics with antioxidant activity are fruits, algae, vegetables andessential oils containing bioactive compounds.


There are also several companies that take advantage of natural sub-products to extract naturally occurring antioxidants to be used in this sector.


Apart from preventing skin aging, the inclusion of antioxidant substances in cosmetics retard oxidation, increase stability and, consequently, prolong shelf-life.


Characterizing the REDOX properties of cosmetics, such as the antioxidant capacity, is of vital importance for the development of effective formulations, for quality control, studies of the stability and durability, and for market purposes adding value to the final products.



Written by Sandra Tamargo Díaz

Business Development and Innovation Manager at Bioquochem