Fluorescent REDOX probes

Fluorescent REDOX probes are permeant fluorogenic dyes designed for reactive oxygen species (ROS) detection in cell cultures by flow cytometer, microscopy of fluorimeter.

Bioquochem under its brand BQCkit offers a variaty of Intracellular ROS Assays to help with your research.

  • DCFH-DA probe (Intracellular ROS assay) - BQC Kit

    DCFH-DA probe (Intracellular ROS assay) | KP06003

    179,00322,00 TAX excl.
  • DHE probe (Intracellular ROS assay) - BQC kit

    DHE probe (Intracellular ROS assay) | KP06002

    140,00285,00 TAX excl.
  • Dihydrorhodamine 123 probe (Intracellular ROS assay)

    DHR-123 (Dihydrorhodamine) | KP06004

    147,00295,00 TAX excl.
  • Fluorescent probes mix (DHE, DHR 123 and DCFH-DA)

    Multiprobe REDOX Assay Kit | KP06005

    322,00537,00 TAX excl.