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BRS in Agri-food

How the BRS measures TAC based on electrochemistry?

Redox (reduction/oxidation) reactions are involved in the origin and consequences of oxidative stress. Electrochemistry is recognized as the best tool to study this type of reactions based on the electroactivity of most of the oxidants and antioxidants present in agri-food samples. BRS TAC results for agrifood analysis are expressed in terms of BRS Value.

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What is TAC and why to assay this parameter?

Total antioxidant capacity (TAC) is a global measure of the non-enzymatic antioxidant activity that integrates the individual effect of all antioxidants in a given matrix, and their additive, synergistic or antagonistic interactions. TAC is considered as an important parameter to establish the redox state of agri-food samples. Due to the transient nature of ROS/RNS,

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BRS features

⇢ Download more information here The use of disposable strips and BRS Electrolyte is mandatory for agri-food samples ⇢ Shop BRS and accesories - Simple and fast analysis - Easy operation - No need of lab equipment - No modification of sample native conditions. Samples must only be mixed with a BRS

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