Redox (reduction/oxidation) reactions are involved in the origin and consequences of oxidative stress.

Electrochemistry is recognized as the best tool to study this type of reactions based on the electroactivity of most of the oxidants and antioxidants present in agri-food samples.

BRS TAC results for agrifood analysis are expressed in terms of BRS Value.

BRS Value can be easily converted into antioxidant equivalents (Trolox, Ascorbic Acid Gallic Acid, etc.) by simply performing calibration curves with the desired standard.

BRS uses a voltammetric technique to measure TAC. The sample is electrochemically oxidized by applying a potential scan and TAC value is calculated from the voltammetric charge.

It is a quick and reliable measurement that does not modify the native conditions of the sample. In addition, colour does not interfere with the measurement with the advantage of having lower dilution rates in comparisson to other methods. This is an important point as, the higher the dilution of the sample, the lower the reliability of the results due to the matrix effect.