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eBQC0201 | e-BQC Natural Ingredients

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  • Portable device: based on the most powerful analytical technique: electrochemistry.
  • Total Antioxidant Capacity: represents a measure of the global antioxidant status of plant and food-based samples, not only the result against one radical initiator as the traditional assay kits.
  • Quick and reliable: samples have just to be dissolved with the working solution and measured directly with disposable strips. You will get the results in less than a minute.
  • Sample native conditions: it does not modify the native conditions of the sample.
  • Coloured samples: the colour does not interfere with the measurement of the sample in contrast to the classical assay kits.
  • Easy-results conversion: results are given in eBQC value, and it can be easily transformed into Antioxidant Equivalents of Vit C, Galic Acid, or Trolox (CEAC, GAE, or TEAC) with the standards use.

The use of the strips and the working solution is necessary:

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Plants and Vegetable Extracts are rich sources of antioxidants and now, it is possible to measure them with the eBQC Natural Ingredients.

Suitable for:

  • Plant and fruits extracts.
  • Food and Beverages.
  • Molecules in organic solvents

Main application areas:

  • Product Development: Do you want to develop new ingredients with impressive properties?
  • Quality Control: Did you know that antioxidant capacity is a quality marker? Check the influence of your process on it
  • Stand Out: Be different than other brands, create customer trust.
  • Added Value: May you have supper antioxidant product without knowing it?

Do you still have doubts choosing the right device and technology for your research?
Ask for the compatibility of your sample! Let us know and our scientific and customer department will advise you on the best option: info@bioquochem.com

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