Total Antioxidant Capacity in Plants and Vegetable Extracts


The new eBQC Natural Ingredients is a completely revolutionary device designed for the measurement of the antioxidant capacity in plant and vegetable extracts, directly!

Plant and vegetable based extracts can be measured directly in their extraction medium, using the working solution*, desing by Bioquochem. The antioxidants that are measured are the ones most commonly located in the plants: polyphenols, antocyanidins, carotenoids and flavonoids.

Based on the eBQC electrochemical technology:  without radical initiators, it represents a measure of the global antioxidant status of the sample 


  • Non-toxic Solvents:  the Working solution is a green solution.
  • Highly colored samples: the measure has no interference with the color of the sample. One of the most common problems after phytochemicals compounds extraction, is the color generated by the pigments of the plants since it interferes with the colorimetric methods that are currently used in the measurement of TAC
  • Direct Measure of both powder and liquid extracts in organic solvents, using the Working Solution 
  • Value for money: no need for additional expensive laboratory equipment, like for example fluorimeters 
  • Fast and easy-to-use device: in less than a minute, following the instructions shown on the screen. Easy! 


eBQC Measuring Pack: includes all the material necessary for making the measures: working solution, measuring strips and even the tubes necessaries! You do not need any extra material.


Plants and Vegetable Extracts are rich sources of antioxidants and now, it is possible to measure them with the eBQC Natural Ingredients. eBQC Natural Ingredientes is suitable for the following samples:

  • Plant and fruits extracts
  • Food and Beverages
  • Molecules in organic solvents

Ask for the compatibility of your sample!

Do you still have doubts about choosing the right device and technology for your research? Let us know and our scientific and customer department will advise you on the best option.

For Biological Samples check the eBQC Lab, and discover all the possibilities in the field!


eBQC Natural Ingredients is based on the eBQC electrochemical technology, which gives it the following key features:

  • Without radical initiators: It measures the Total Antioxidant Capacity, not only the result against one radical initiator as the traditional assay kits.
  • Total Antioxidant Capacity: represents a measure of the global antioxidant status of the sample
  • Electrochemical Measure: the most powerful analytical technique, electrochemistry, is used to obtain the results, in an accurate and quick way.
  • Easy-results conversion: results can be easily transformed into Antioxidant Equivalents of Vit C, Galic Acid or Trolox (CEAC, GAE or TEAC)
  • Simple intercomparison of the results, using the eBQC-Value. The device using sophisticated internal software gives the results in eBQC value.


It has been designed based on the electrochemical technology of the eBQC Lab, but incorporating new applications for its specific use in this type of samples, plant extracts.

Although vegetable samples are, by nature, very rich in antioxidants, to date there is no fast, simple and easy-to-apply technology that would allow their direct application in industry. From this need, the Bioquochem R&D team has developed a new methodology that allows its direct quantification, with applications in fields as varied as:

  • Antioxidant measurement of agricultural waste products prior to extraction of bioactive compounds.
  • Stability measurement of extract products
  • Antioxidant Capacity validation of nutraceuticals products
  • Storage conditions testing

Product Development:  Do you want to develop new ingredients with impressive properties?

Quality Control: Did you know that antioxidant capacity is a quality marker? Check the influence of your process on it

Stand Out: Be different than other brands, create customer trust.

Added Value: May you have supper antioxidant product without knowing it?

How does e-BQC Natural Ingredients work?

eBQC Natural Ingredients

A completely revolutionary device by Bioquochem

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