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KF01007 | DPPH Assay Kit | Antioxidant Capacity

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KF01007 | DPPH Assay Kit | Antioxidant Capacity

150.00360.00 TAX excl.

DPPH assay measures the total antioxidant capacity (TAC) of compounds that are able to transfer hydrogen atoms. The compound (DPPH•+) is a coloured and stable radical cation of purple colour which shows a maximum of absorbance at 517 nm. Antioxidant compounds, which are able to transfer an electron to DMPD•+, cause a discolouration of the solution. This reaction is rapid and proportional to the antioxidant capacity of the sample.

BQC DPPH assay kit is an easy and highly reproducible assay to test TAC on single antioxidants in aqueous solutions, on food and beverages.

Additional information

Sizes: 100,200 and 400 tests

Expiry date: 1 year

Storage: -20ºC, 4ºC and room temperature

Assay time: 15 minutes

Reagents: Reagent A, Reagent B, and Standard (Trolox)

Necessary material: 96 well-plate spectrophotometer

If you need to adapt it for another form of the assay (for example cuvette), contact at info@bioquochem.com

Protocol booklet

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Certificate of Analysis (CoA)










Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

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