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KB03012 | Catalase Activity Assay Kit

265.00579.00 TAX excl.

Catalase Activity Assay Kit consists of a reaction giving rise to a compound that forms a complex with the chromogen. This reaction produces a purple color directly proportional to catalase activity that can be determined by means of a simple and fast spectrophotometrical measure.

This enzyme catalyzes the reaction that consumes hydrogen peroxide, transforming it into water and oxygen. Since it is difficult to directly measure hydrogen peroxide in biological samples, the determination of these detoxifying enzymes has substituted this procedure. In addition, catalase activity levels are also related to antioxidant capacity.


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100, 200, 400


  • Sex Differences in Placental Protein Expression and Efficiency in a Rat Model of Fetal Programming Induced by Maternal Undernutrition
  • Md Reaz Chaklader, Janet Howieson, MuhhammadA. B. Siddik, Md Javed Foysal (2021) Supplementation of tuna hydrolysate and insect larvae improves fshmeal replacement efcacy of poultry by‑product in Lates calcarifer


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