BRS Installation Guide

Follow these steps to control your  BRS device with the App

The BRS App is a mobile application that operates on portable devices such as a smart phone or tablet running the Android operating system. The App uses Bluetooth wireless technology to sync with the BRS Device for measuring.

To control your  BRS device with the App:

BQC will send a link for Registration on the BRS Platform.

Registration can be completed on any device (computer, phone, tablet). A login screen will be displayed after finishing the registration.

This log in page is not to access BRS App.

Go to Google Play Store and download the BRS App in your phone.

Use your credentials.

The user is the email address. The password was created previously in step 1.

Start to work!

You can check the instrucction guide and more information below.

Download all the documentation

How to use, tips and recommendations

How to perform Total Antioxidant Determination with BRS Device in detail.

User guide. How to install BRS App in detail.