The International Conference on Bio-antioxidants is a prestigious annual scientific event. The main goal of the conference is to provide an appropriate environment for showing the progress, exchanging ideas, establishing new collaborations, and try to solve common problems and challenges.

Bioquochem along with the Bulgarian National Science Fund, EVRIKA Foundation and others companies sponsored this year conference. Bio-Antioxidants 2018 was celebrated on Varna (Bulgary) during 7-10th September.

In the course of this conference, Bioquochem R&D Director, David Hevia presented our new method to measure antioxidant capacity in liquid samples: e-BQC Lab.

Bio-Antioxidants 2018 aims to make an important contribution towards a better understanding the mechanism of action of natural biological antioxidants and their synthetic analogs in physiological and pathological states that will lead to the development of new therapeutic and disease-preventive agents. The main theme of the conference this year was: “Natural bio-antioxidants and their synthetic analogues – beneficial effect on human health

During this congress the role of bio-antioxidant as modulators of redox signalling were discuss. The strategic topics, which the conference was focused on this year were:

  • A. Oxidative Stress and Human Health
  • B. Natural Biological antioxidants
  • C. Synthetic Biological antioxidants
  • D. Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Lipid Oxidation
  • E. Food Analysis, Food Additives and Food Supplements
  • F. Advanced Methods for Analysis of Biological antioxidants

If you want to know more you can take a look to the conference website: