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Have you ever asked yourself what do the aroma, color and flavor depend on?

The aroma, color and flavor of the wine are the main factors that determine its quality. Polyphenols, natural antioxidants, are the main responsible for these sensorial characteristics. For example, anthocyanins give the characteristic red color of the wine. Also, tannins provide astringent properties and complexity in flavor.

There are different factors that intervene in their concentration. For example the grape maturity stage, the winemaking process or environmental factors.

Likewise, polyphenols are directly linked with health benefits.

With our kit You can easily test the quality of your wine! 

What does it consist of?

This is a simple kit which can be used at home.

It contains little bottles which liquid will change color when a wine drop is added. In a few seconds, you can see and compare your color in our paper scale or on your cell phone. It is up to you!

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