BQC, continuing its expansion process, attended Pittcon Conference and Exposition, 18-22 March Philadelphia, PA USA.


Our aim was to find new partners within the American continent and to present the BRS to a forum of analytical chemistry experts.


Due to the relevance of understanding the effects of oxidative stress on health, environment, or nutraceutical development, BQC offers you a wide catalog of assay kits and electrochemical devices to determine multiple redox parameters in different fields.



Spectrophotometric methods and the TAC (Total Antioxidant Capacity) are well established. However, each method evaluates the behaviour of antioxidants in a different way.


For that reason, BQC develops electrochemical devices as a better alternative method to traditional assays. By applying a broad sweep of potentials, our devices check all electroactive oxidisable compounds. In addition, the main advantage of our measurement is that it does not modify the sample, so the measurement occurs in its natural environment, as opposed to all assays that require reagent preparation in organic media, deproteinisation of the sample, or have interference from turbid/coloured samples


In addition, the new BRS ( BQC Redox System) simplify and optimize the functionality, reliability and performance of redox assays. For that reason, the Pittcon committee has given BQC with the Excellence in Instrumentation Award for our BRS equipment!