Bioquochem attended to the “8th International Conference on Oxidative Stress in Skin Medicine and Biology“, which was celebrated on Andros (Greece) during 6-9th of September.

Bioquochem was one of the sponsors of this International Conference. Which also has the participation of global companies like Loreal, Bayer or InterMed Pharmaceutical Laboratories.

During the conference, various papers and studies related to oxidative stress were presented. In these works we could read about topics as diverse as nutrition and diet, skin aging, cancer therapy, wound healing , as well as nanoparticles, environment radiation, natural products and their relation with skin and oxidative stress.

Oxidative stress is involved in all skin diseases. The study of this phenomenonhas a growing interest in the past few years. Specially, when it comes to its relationship to skin pathophysiology as also the prevention and therapy of skin disorders by substances or natural products which contribute to the restoration of redox balance.

This conference was addressed to oncologists, dermatologists, biochemists, pharmaceutical and natural chemists, cell biologists, physiologists, biomedical engineers, pharmacologists, post-graduate students in medical, biological and natural sciences.

The 8th Conference on “Oxidative stress in skin medicine and biology” was co-organized by the University of Athens, the Oxygen Club of California and Andros Municipality”.