We want to share a summary of some good moments.

At BQC, 2023 has been plenty of achivements. We have launched our latest device, the BRS, which is now in different laboratories all arround the world! We also moved to a new facilities, the team have grown and established new business relationships. Now we look forward to the coming year.

All the BQC Team wish you a Happy 2024!


Bioquiochem 2023 Summary

International Congreses

Our team contributed to different international congresses: ICA (Barcelona), Redox Medicine Society (Paris), CIAL Forum (Madrid), EFFoST (Valencia), …

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Excellence in Instrumentation Award at Pittcon (USA) and CIBUS Tech (Italy)

It was an honor to received two Awards in different countries for the BRS Device: Pittcon (USA) and Cibus Tech (Italy) with our italian distributor, Sacco!

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Distribution Network

We continue working with our distributors on the commerzialization of BRS devices and Assay Kits. Also, new partners have joined BQC network!

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Ongoing projects

The aim of our R&D department is to broaden the understanding of each specific application, striving for a more integrated and comprehensive view of Redox Technologies.

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Stay tuned for the latest updates and exciting developments coming our way in 2024!

Keep an eye out for all the exciting things to come.