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Bioquochem – Total antioxidant capacity assay kit



BQCkit brand designs and manufactures kits for rapid and easy quantification of biological parameters.

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eBQC New Technology, portable device for Antioxidant Capacity Measurement. The first device able to differentiate between fast and slow antioxidants.


Why should I choose Bioquochem?

Our ready-to-use kits differentiate due to their sensitivity, accuracy, reproducibility, rapidity and the best quality/price relation with respect to conventional ones. All these remarkable characteristics are the consequence of the continuous work and efforts of our best-qualified team, which is in constant research for the optimization and release of new products, according to the customer’s needs..

BQCkit brand includes a wide range of kits, that is continuously growing due to the active work of our R&D department. Something remarkable is that our products are reasonably priced, but always maintaining the highest quality standards. Finally, as the company is aware of the value of time, we count on the best worldwide delivery service.


Continuous R&D

One of the most important departments in Bioquochem is the R&D one.  Proof of that is the different lines covered by this department:

Food, Health, Stroke, Sport and Aging.

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